Continued Dynamics with DSL.

I have inquired about the DSL on several occasions, and it looks as though it is a lost cause. The only company in the country “BTC” (American owned) that provides DSL seems to be changing their system, so even my neighbor that has an installed phone cannot receive a new service currently. I have investigated the mobile internet through the two different phone companies, I could get 12 GB for 60 Lev a month, although that is a costly monthly expense. There is an open wireless connection at the local cafe here in the village, aside from Uncle George’s house. There are also two different open connections in Parvomay. I will refrain from pursuing DSL for the home. In someways, I do prefer not having DSL in the home, I do get more offline work accomplished.

To continue with a few more dynamics of Bulgaria, observing the village is insightful and amusing. The neighbors are very friendly, but nosy based on curiosity. They continually bring over vegetables and fruit from their gardens. They view me as a guest and do observe myself as different, but with a curious outlook, they are perplexed that I will not own a TV. Like any other town or village, the gossip and boredom are at an extremely elevated level. The young kids suffer within the negativity; if they don’t get out of the village after high school they will never change. The negative dynamics of the village will forever keep them stuck within the sticky congested emotional baggage. Some families carry a labeled reputation. Because of the negativity, in addition to the suppression of free expression, the aging process is accelerated on a profound level.

I advert to prior that the progression is dilatory here in Bulgaria. The sluggish motivation of progression is baffled within a catch twenty-two process. Resulting from the fact that accomplishing projects and tasks are an onerous exhausting experience. And, the bureaucracy to accomplish a legal enterprise will instantly accelerate the aging process within an individual—the inner ambition of a new project becomes lethargic. The Bulgarians own their home and are established, starting a new adventure is subdued because of the cognition of the problematic Bulgarian system. Each country is embedded within a tangled confusing level of established bureaucracy or “Bureau-Crazy”. In many countries, this is the reality that the subjects are living under: without free opportunity, corrupted government that creates an entrainment of negativity, and a dominating nature that suppresses freedom of expression—each country experiences these dynamics within a different level.

The difficult nature to fulfill a project suppresses inner motivation and ambition. Thus, a catch twenty-two spiral creates an energy of slothfulness suppressing enthusiasm. Since I am set up for the winter I have no desire to start any other type of project.

I created few friends in Parvomay, one person who speaks good English that lived in London for three years. We meet to visit at the cafe each week. The friendship level in Bulgaria is amiable; getting to know people is kind of easy and sustaining. Parvomay is the medium size town 5 kilometers from the village. It is an amiable town that resides a different type energy that the village.

I will be heading to Istanbul in a couple of weeks for a new visa. I am not too sure if I want to attempt for the long term visa, I am tired of the hassles. However, I can also head out of the country in January in needed. Right now I will be here at the nest for the winter. Come spring, I will decided on the path to pursue.