The Mountainous Town of Darjeeling—India

darjeeling, himalayan backdrop picture

The charming town of Darjeeling is the prime attraction within the hills of West Bengal. Surrounded by tea plantations that produce the famous Darjeeling Black Tea, and a spectacular view of the majestic mountain backdrop of Khangchendzonga—Darjeeling is not your average Indian town. As you travel north from Calcutta the facial features of the locals become more Asian, and Darjeeling is indeed a Himalayan/Tibetan styled town.

There are a handful of tourists visiting Darjeeling for the holidays, the majority from the UK. The temperatures are considerably cold that dips down to at least 40*F/6*C with no heaters in the rooms except for an extra fee for 150 RS. Yet, the guesthouse I am staying at is ultra comfortable and quite at the budget price of 400 RS per night.

himaylan mountain view from darjeeling india

India's Highest Mountain—Khangchendzonga 8598 Meters

I find Darjeeling a relaxing town where people offer the local rate for scarfs, hats, and wool socks. If you are traveling up to Sikkim or Darjeeling you can buy all your warm weather clothes up here in the mountain hills of West Bengal. I will be staying in Darjeeling through Sunday and then head to Sikkim. The traveler needs a permit for Sikkim and can easily be arranged here in Darjeeling.

Post Pictures taken from the rooftop of the guesthouse hotel.

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  • Priyank January 3, 2011, 5:07 am

    Hi Shawn,
    Darjeeling is quite charming, did you take the toy train?


    PS: Completely unrelated comment (which you may delete): I couldn’t comment on older posts esp Israel/Palestine. I had a bunch of comments having backpacked there solo. And I was also thinking of asking you few questions on Egypt but the contact form wasn’t working for some reason!

    • Shawn January 3, 2011, 1:24 pm

      Thanks for the comments, I turned on the comments for the older posts. I did not take the toy train but I will most likely visit that region again but when it is warmer.