Falsehood of Tour Sites.

I decided to head back to Haifa today, I will visit Caesarea tomorrow with the car. Today I drove the Golan, and on the way back to Haifa, I drove through Cana, and Nazareth, two predominately Arabs towns. In the Bible, Cana is the town that Jesus turned the water into wine; Cana is just south of Nazareth. Yesterday I drove around the Sea of Galilee, a truly beautiful area. I drove to the area where Jesus was active with many miracles, which on the north shore.

I have found the churches to be disgusting, a lot of Idolatry set up where deluded Christians make a pilgrimage. It is interesting to view the locations where certain historic events occurred, even though, the deluded Christians have lost the context of what Jesus taught.

The tour industry has set up stones or other relics teaching people about the historical event. I did not visit the church of the fish and loaves, although they say they found the stone where Jesus set the fish and bread, which is hogwash.

One aspect to keep in mind is that the locations of many tourist attractions spring from a guess. The Church in Bethlehem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre were built by the wife of Constantine the Great, Helena. Her guess of the Sepulchre originated from discovering the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea with three crosses. The church itself is of a disgusting nature of idolatry. There is extremely strange energy issuing out of that dungeon of Idols. Helena, during her investigative adventures, situated the churches on sites that formally worshiped the Roman gods. I find more of an interest of the geographical area.

Many areas of history are known as fact, although a cave or a stone set up for people to gaze upon is most likely hogwash.

The powers of the darkness are cunning and subtle at deceiving humanity. The depth of deception, which has wielded it power into the emotional reality of humanity, is remarkable.