Final Phase—Bulgarian Nest.

I have been working hard accomplishing the task of getting ready for the winter out at the house. This last week I accomplished the pluming in the shower room, the project was kind of difficult; however, the shower completed and I completed the pluming myself without being able to speak the language. The neighbor hooked up the electric to the water heater, the boiler is electric and wood burning.

This week the Rakia is ready to be processed for distillation, and I will finish the awning by the end of this week. The floor will be installed soon. After the floor is in then I will buy this nice wood burning stove that has an oven and install it, and then finish the windows.

This process has been an experience and I have a different perception about buying a house. In addition, the lack of assertiveness among different cultures is astounding. The plumber in the village said he would do the plumbing but never showed, he kept saying “tomorrow”, however he could not express that he did not really want to do the job—I deicide to tackle the job myself.

The different cultural dynamics from cultural to cultural is interesting; however there is always a common level of qualities among humanity.

My neighbors are very nice, there is a constant flow of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and some grapes. Everyone has grape vines in the village, however not for making wine, just for eating.