Flowers Anyone.

Here are some more beautiful pictures I took at the lighthouse hostel. I used the closeup feature on my camera to get these three pictures below. Truly flowers are of beauty. Beautiful different shapes, sizes, and color. Certainly flowers has the power to affect an atmosphere, affect a person’s mentality, charm your life partner, flowers can even comfort the grieved.

During 1994 I had the opportunity to visit Holland during the month of May. May is the best time to go because of the tulips. Amazingly large fields of purple, orange, red, white, yellow. An absolutely comforting sight. Holland is one of the largest flower producers in the world. A wonderful country to visit. The Dutch are a very nice, easy going, type of people. What makes them so easy going? Maybe the reason that everything is legal in Holland.

This time at the hostel and dealing with my backpack and gear was much better. The reassessment of my travel gear has proved worthwhile. Of course wherever, and whenever, I would need something I can just buy it. The lighter the pack the better. Now I do have enough for a MacBook, although for the first two years I am planing on going without a computer.

The time at Pigeon Point was wonderful. Quite, calm, serene, and very relaxing, along with meeting some very nice people. Time well spent doing nothing.