From Asyut to Luxor.

I have arrived in Luxor. I took a micro-bus (station wagon) from Aysut to Qena, then to Luxor. The ride was wonderful along the Nile River. Today I am moving hotels to a better one in town. The town has very intense energy, although people don’t hassle me due to the fact I speak some Arabic and take time to visit with them. The hotel I checked out when I arrived Wednesday is uncomfortable and if I am going to stay on the east bank of Luxor for two weeks or so I can do much better for what this hotel offers. I went and got my International Student card yesterday and they gave me a Teachers card which is even better. Its good until the end of 2008 and all the sites are 50% off plus some train and bus tickets are 30% off the regular price.

Once I am settled I will start post pictures and writing some posts more often. Yesterday the town had a DSL problem which was fixed this morning. Many tourist who are in a hurry to get everywhere and then head out, although I have met some every nice people. Most (not all) but most tourists are run ragged because they are not playing the game, if they are playing the game, their not having fun in doing so.

Riding in a mini van, which supports the locals and not a company; I have found the view out the window to be much better. I have to say that the Nile River Valley is stunning. Absolute beauty. Beautiful beyond compare. The most beautiful river I have ever set my eyes upon. Ancient Egypt was glorious in its day. I admit I haven’t viewed The Rhine, The Danube, The Volga, etc.. I have viewed The Mississippi, The Colorado, The Arkansas, The Ohio, The Missouri; I have a feeling that from all the rivers valleys in the world that I will set my eyes upon; all will have a difficult time topping the Nile River Valley.

A spacious river will lush green banks and palm trees standing tall, and the desert bordering its existence. The Nile gives life in the mist of a dry rugged desert of death with a scorching, burning sun. Its a spectacular site. Feeling deep within by using the minds eye with historical knowledge as a foundation one should be able to see the powerful, glorious, way of life of the Ancient Egyptians. Egypt is everything I thought it would be, and much, much more.

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