Heading North – Irbid.

An Update: I am planning on heading north to Irbid tomorrow. For now it looks like Lebanon is out. It sure is strange how they start having problems right when the travel season is starting. If you take notice they always seem to have problems at the time when tourism is at its height. I am planning on just heading to the border and crossing into Syria (if they let me) at the beginning of next week.

Here in Amman I have been really having an enjoyable time. On Friday I went and met a few other people that are signed on to couch-surfing.com. We went to the Royal Automobile Museum, which many automobiles and motor-bikes are housed from the time of King Hussein. It has been very interesting meeting many local people from Amman, one thing for certain is that the education level here in Jordan is much higher than in Egypt. Jordan is a great place to visit and extremely safe, and much less hassle than in Egypt. I have had a very enjoyable time here in Amman.

Yesterday I met up with the girl who I met in Petra. Her and I and one of her friends from the university went and had dinner. We had a wonderful time visiting about different cultural aspects that we were each raised within, certainly each culture is to be respected, even though every culture has its negatives and positives. I must say that the few Arab women I have met are very nice genuine people with good hearts. I am very thankful that I have been given the opportunity to experience and meet such a wide variety of people. The bottom line to meet other people is being respectful and friendly to each person you run into without having any judgment whatsoever.

Your not believe what happened while I was considering to buy a computer. I have been looking around like I’ve mentioned before. So yesterday night I decided to purchase a Macbook. When I got to the store we completed the transaction, although at that time, the owner said they just started a promotion regarding the Macbook I just bought with 200JD’s off the current price. So we did a void of the first transaction and completed the transaction with the discount. That is a $300 discount, plus I will still get the tax back at the border. On top of that, they installed iWork 08, and Microsoft Office for free, which is worth $250. Basically I am paying less once I get the tax back if I would have bought one in America. What a great deal, something did tell me to wait a day to think about buying one. Well, it really paid off because I feel I got a very good deal. I am very happy with it, and really, it’s not all that heavy to carry around, I did buy a lock so I can lock it up. I feel this was a good time to buy a new Macbook.

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