Heading to Amman.

Today I will be heading to Amman. I do have a couch-surfing situation set up for three nights. Surprising enough, the person won’t even be in the house, so I will have to house to myself. I am just going to take it easy and rest up from traveling so fast, it has been a little to fast of a pace, I am to old to be traveling so fast.

I met a Swiss-German women in Petra and who I ran into here in Madaba, we decided to hook up and split the cost for a car and went to some sites south of Madaba yesterday. We are going to take the bus to Amman today, although she is heading north and not stopping in Amman except to transfer buses. All of the women I have ran into have been very nice, I really enjoy female company. We went to the area where the ruins of the Castle where John the Baptized was murdered. The castle was built upon this high hill as you can see in the picture below.

The day before yesterday, I stopped to talk to this guy who was sitting by his family owned shop. His family are Catholics here in Madaba. He invited me into his home to have tea and I met his mother and father. Very nice hospitable people, the Christians do seem more open and are more comfortable with strangers in their house and seem to have more self-expression. Energetically there is a difference, although I am not saying that any one religion is better then the other. There are a few cultural differences, along with a common Arab culture as a foundation. Here in Madaba I find the mix is a positive thing for the energetic entrainment of the area.

I have also met many Egyptians here in Jordan that are making money and will return to Egypt at some point in time, consequently, the energetic entrainment dominates an area. The Egyptians that work here in tourism behave totally different than in Egypt. So far the place that had the strangest type of energy was in Wadi Musa.

I might be staying in Amman for three nights, then head north to Ibrid and visit the sites in the north along with Jerash, then head back to Amman – I am planning fly to Beirut around the 20th of May. One thing I have noticed that I would have a hard time traveling Jordan for more than one month. Traveling Egypt long term was much easier than staying in Jordan, most everyone that I have met travel Jordan two weeks, the common length of travel is 10 days up to a two week holiday. Everybody is in a very fast pace and the hotels are use people coming and going. One month for myself will be plenty of time here in Jordan.

One feeling to get use to is spending money without bringing any in when traveling long term, I do have a grasp on this strange emotion, although it is a weird feeling. One other feeling, which is pleasure to experience, is that I could go back to America at any time and I know I will be going back very satisfied from where I have traveled. Five months in Egypt, or in any one country, should provided satisfaction for anyone. Traveling without any expectations, free of preconceived ideas, staying in the moment, and excepting whatever happens without any attachment to the results – disappointment, grief, and sorrow, cannot exist in the heart. Many people feel that if you don’t see a certain site you will “miss it” – absolute non-sense – that type of emotion and mentality is foolishness for the long term traveler. The people, culture, their way of life, their belief system, is what my first interest is – not the sites.

Looks familiar? This Mosaic goes back about 1500 hundred years, only.

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