Heading to Kars—Travel Blogs.

I am heading to Kars today. I decided to stay three days at this hotel here in Dogubayazit. I washed all my clothes in the hotel room, I use the trash can for a wash bin. The bathroom in this hotel has regular western style toilets, less strain on the legs compared the the squat shit holes. Plus, the free wireless internet is great, and roof top panorama terrence is relaxing.

Since everybody expects that I am suppose to have a purpose while traveling—I have started to tell people I am looking for Bin Laden—the joke of the world.

Here are a few travel blogs I would like to point out that I have been following:

Steve is Lost is a guy that is in his fourth year of travel, an interesting, comical travel blog—this guy cracks me up. He traveled the Caribbean to South America. He traveled South America, then flew to South Africa and travel all the way to Egypt through the Congo. He then traveled the Middle East briefly, then flew to India. He just completed hiking up to the base camp at Everest.

Kevin’s Walk is a guy that is walking across America who is inquiring about the diversity of religion in America. He is in Oregon at the moment slowly heading East. The challenges he writes about concerning walking is interesting.

I have thought of walking across America, of course, I would walk for no particular reason, just feel like walking. A few years back you may recall the Fat Man Walking, the guy that walked across America. Started in Califorina at 400 pounds and lost over 100 pounds by the time he got to New York.

Nomad Backpackers are a couple that is heading out on a one year journey around the world, they are departing America in about fifteen days. They are starting in Italy because his/her brother is getting married on October 4th, a good way to jump start the traveling.

One Giant Step is another couple that is planning to head out of America and travel the world for one year, they just started their blog site, they will be departing around June of 2009.

Soul Travelers 3 are a family that are from Santa Cruz, California. They departed a couple of years ago with their daughter that is home schooling on the road. They bought a camper van in Europe and have been traveling Europe in the camper van, although they did go to Morocco for awhile.

The Lost Girls is another interesting blog of three women that have completed their one year world tour. They just locked a book deal on a book they have been working on.

Many people ask if I am going to write a book, at this moment I have no plans for such a project.

For anyone to take a year and travel parts of the world will be a good positive experience. I will be at the one year point soon. Within my concept of time, the time has not seemed that long. Although, if I would have to stop and head back to America I would go back very satisfied.

Everyone has different styles of travel, not one is better than the other. There is no excuse to feed on an ego driven attitude concerning travel. Dwelling in the moment; the moment of reality of actuality—fear and the ego can be transcended.