Hello WordPress.org, Goodbye Blogger!

twitter sucks, tirana albania

I have been in the capital city of Tirana for the last couple of days with fast wireless Internet and did take in an awesome opera last night. Tirana is an Ok capital city, there are many nice neighborhoods, but really not much to write about. I will be posting about Berat, it is a nice town. Unexpectedly, I causualy started to design my wordpress travel site and now I am on a roll. Using Thesis running on wordpress.org is much better than controlling blogger/google. I transferred the feed by changing the domain address on feedburner, but the feed address will not change, so I don’t think the reader needs to change anything.

Post Picture is an old communistic building in the center of Tirana, all the buildings form as a horseshoe in the center.

And, I am going with a new domain name, sounds strange, but the domain name I bought through google is locked and cannot be transferred to my hosting company, so I just inserted the 301 script, and at the end of the year this domain name will expire and I will most likely delete the blogger blog.

I will have the links page up soon and if anyone wants to change my link on your blog, again; you can keep the same title and change the url to http://travelenlightenment.net. There are many blogs that never changed the name from this last time so, I will not contacting people for awhile, but the people that did change it I will most likely contact at some point in time.

I will be tweaking the design in the next month and aways open to any suggestions. I most likely will not have a twitter icon because I think twitter sucks. A blog review I posted was twitted to 3000 people and then retwitted to 30,000 and guess how many hits? I think it is a complete waste of time. I will updating shutterfly with the new pictures and posting the link.

If you click on some links you will notice the header pictures rotate. It is a unique feature of Thesis, and then I used a Mac program Voila to add the print.