Hot Spring Time – Siwa

Thanks for all the comments by the way, I am glad many people are enjoying reading this blog.

The guy from the hotel is driving me out to this hot spring where the overnight camp is. He will drop me off at 11am and pick me up at 4pm. It will be some nice quite time soaking in the spring. Last night we were talking more about the culture of Siwa. I guess the girls can make a choice when it comes to marriage. He said that it is a life long marriage and it’s best to make sure you going to get along. Although because of the way the culture is, homosexuality is prevalent just not noticed and is very hidden.

The Egyptian tourists are the worst. Nobody likes them out here. They are loud, cheap, selfish in a certain way. Basically, the Egyptian tourists are the ones with money are they are different from the regular poor person. When a bus comes in from Cairo they taxi kids hope for a mix, Egyptian and English, they call it a cocktail.

I met a guy from New York yesterday, he said, for sure take a falucca boat from Aswan to Luxor sailing up the Nile. He paid only 380LE for four days and three nights with food. He also told me about Dahab, which is a nice place to stay, they have huts for about 15LE a night on the beach.

I might not be posting for a good week. I am heading out to the house I am renting and i don’t know if there is any Internet out there. I am not planing on coming into town for the week. If I don’t post the next post will be a week from Saturday or Sunday.

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