Link Transfer—Corporate Domination.

I am mostly at the end of organizing this template except for new gadgets on the side bar and possibly in the footer. I am going to go with this new arrangement for the next year with the new domain and the template, at that time I will decided to stay with Blogger or move to self-hosted WordPress.

All of the links are now on its own page. I went through all the site links I had, and, that proved to be an experience. Most blogs are powered on Blogger and a few from, the free service. The blogs that stand out are powered through WordPress—self-hosted.

Several blogs had no contact information. I enjoyed looking at all these different blogs, there is a large variety of designs among the blogging realm.

All the links that are on the link page are bloggers I exchange links with. The blogs that I did not find my link listed didn’t make it on the list. If I contacted you to change my link address and I missed your link please contact me, I will correct the mistake.

I am currently working on my new and final blog. I bought the best WordPress theme that is on the market and much easier to change than others, and is excellent with SEO. Plus, I can use this theme on as many sites I like. I can also just create a site without it being a blog. I will only have three blogs, which I know I will be able to maintain.

One concept that is clearly manifested is that the corporations always get their fingers in each popular interest. Even with blogging, there are really only two worthy platforms—Blogger and WordPress. Typepad does exist, but I view less than one percent of blogs that are on Typepad. All other blog platforms like Mobile Me and others are set up for family and friends—SEO is extremely shallow. Blogger is owned from Google and the platform is very user friendly, and a few people are geniuses in creating hacks. However, Google created a no-index on the labels, and other important links, so for SEO it is not the best platform. Hosting on WordPress for free is limited and some people have lost their blogs from what they have posted or from creating a money making blog. The bottom line is that a self-hosted WordPress blog is the best for SEO, and since your hosting the blog yourself you can do what you want with it, unless a person gets de-indexed from Google. Because, Google has cornered the search engine market, there are several search engines available, but if a person has an Internet business and Google de-indexes them, there business will be severely affected.

I find this whole concept of corporate domination very interesting. Corporate domination involves only two or three different services available. It’s like Microsoft, Apple and Unix, only three operating systems exist. In each country I have traveled there are only two or three different mobile phone companies and they are always owned from a parent company in the West.

I will be posting on the Village life soon.