Masada, situated high above the Dead Sea, the rock flat plateau is where King Herod built an impressive palace. Masada proved to be the last bastion for the Jewish Zealots against Rome in 73/74 CE. In the end the Jewish Zealots killed each other with the last committing suicide.

The story of Masada was recorded from Josephus Flavius. The first builder at Masada was Johathan a high priest around 103-76 BCE, although this is not a certainty.

King Herod who ruled from 37 BCE to 4 BCE built a luxurious palace, with well-stocked storerooms, an incredible cistern system for a water supply and an impressive bathhouse.

From the pictures you can see where the Romans camped, from the top of Masada the large camp was in close range. It must have been an airy feeling being on top of Masada and having the Romans surrounding the location.

I decided against the photo album on my other blog, it would be to difficult to manage. I will be deciding who to go with, soon.

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