Monday is a Green Light—Departing Bulgaria.

So everything is getting taken care of like clock work. We transferred the company in Boris’ name; the car, the internet contract, and my cell phone sim-card goes with, it worked out great. Tomorrow I will say goodbye to Mitko and his family, and also Maria, my female friend that live in the neighboring town.

On Sunday Boris, Jifko, and their mom will visit the village to show Boris’ mom the house and say goodbye to my neighbors. On Monday morning I will drive the car to Hisar to drop off, catch a ride to Sofia with Boris, and visit the Bus Station. I will be catching a bus or train on Monday out of Bulgaria.

It will be 395 days in Bulgaria.
I paid for one night of accommodation the entire time.

Identifying Divine direction can be difficult for the majority, yet there is a minority that are able to recognize the energetic intervention of guidance. Some ideas are just not meant to occur. The simple non-attached method is always predominant. I really wanted to change my travel style, but sometimes a want is not always the reality.

There is one change I am forced pursue and that is my eating habits while actively traveling. I am determined to eat more raw and vegetarian food that will included tomatoes everyday. When I arrived from Greece last year I was very depleted for not only traveling fast, but mostly my eating habits. My style of cooking and consumption has changed dramatically from experiencing the traditional life even though I ate slightly too much bread over the winter.

I still have the Eastern Europe Lonely Planet, but I will also start taking advantage of

So Monday is a Green.