MoonShining in Bulgaria!

The last few days we accomplished much out at the house. We hired a friend that works with plaster. He plastered, smoothed, and painted the walls of the winter house. We also got the poles for the shade awning into the ground.

Getting the walls complete was a lot of help and very affordable, it would have cost the same to buy quality tools for the job. After the shower plumbing is installed, we will only need to paint the inner door and frame, and the windows and frames. Then we can focus on the flooring.

We decided to pick all of the plumbs and make Rakia. We picked 15 buckets of plumbs and added 39 kilos of sugar mixed with water which will yield about 50 liters of booze. I am not a big drinker, and Bulgarian rakia is something to be respectful of because of the high alcohol percentage. However, it makes a great bartering item. We might have some mulberry and oak barrels constructed and age the rakia for 3 months for a nice wood barrel flavor. I never thought I would be moonshining in Bulgaria.

We are also contemplating on getting some bees to make honey, two hives would be good to start. We visited a friend in a different town that has a long row of bee hives that produce about three tones of honey a year. Interesting enough this town is where the oldest tree in Europe stands which was planted around 350 BCE.

The winter house/shower room/summer kitchen.

Buying a few sheep to make cheese, and some hens for eggs would be nice, but I don’t want to get in over my head with too many projects, the garden will be plenty or work to maintain next year.