Moved on From Bahariyya to Dakhla Oasis.

Hello everyone, I arrived in the Dakhla Oasis from Bahariyya this evening. I am in Mut, which I will stay at least a week and then go and stay in Al-Qasr for a while which is also in the area of the Dakhla Oasis.

I had a very good week staying at the Desert Safari Hotel of Bawiti in Bahariyya. The town itself is nothing to speak of and a far cry from Siwa, although since this is the nearest Oasis from Cairo, which has created fierce competition with the hotels and safari outfits – deep resentments and anger within the town is clearly felt and noticeable. So what made my stay so wonderful? The hotel I stayed at was just the best – the very best – so far in Egypt. I stayed at the Desert Safari Home about 700 meters out of town. I had a wonderful clean room with my own bathroom and the owner – Badry Khozam, was the best host. Not only was his safari to the desert a great deal; Badry gave me a great deal on the room, which I mentioned. I met many wonderful tourists and more contacts around the world. The hotel cooked excellent food and served the best breakfast so far. We had a nice time sitting around the fire pit at night and socializing with the staff and guests. Badry was very kind and showed his hospitality to me by cooking up some Bedouin tea the last night I was there. He is an honest, fare, well experienced Bedouin, who’s ancestry goes way back in time. I highly recommend staying at this hotel if your visiting the Oasis and the White Desert.

Most people come from Cairo, stay in the hotel one night, hit the desert, and off to Cairo they go. Hanging out for a week was just what I needed coming from Cairo. Staying outside of the town was very quite and serene, I found myself into a good routine during my stay. I got up and sat in the sun drinking tea, writing, and reading in the mornings. By one o’clock I would go for a walk. Down the street there were these girls who invited my into there home to see the new born baby. I met the father and mother and they gave me an orange. The oldest girl was 12, her sisters, 11, 6, and four months. They had an interest in learning English. I decided to take the time and teach them a few things. The next day there cousins joined us. I have to admit the farewells were difficult. Their were so full of smiles, so very enthusiastic, honest hearted; I also taught them how to play volleyball. The last three days I hung out with them teaching some English and the mother was thankful. These types of experiences is what makes the quality of travel special, taking the time for others creates a blessing of time; time is a luxury. I am very thankful I have time. Time is a luxury more than any type of material garb.

I will stay in the Dakhla Oasis up to two weeks. The energy is better here within the town. Every area is different in small ways. I will be posting pictures very soon.