Ninety Day Countdown.

Ninety days left until I leave the country, although I am really leaving my home situation October twentieth. I am in the process of getting rid of everything. I have a strong prospect considering buying my truck just before I leave. I am feeling so good about not having anything in my life, except for the bare essentials. I am heading out from Monday through Thursday next week and will be posting more hostel reviews. This time I am heading south, which I have never really explored the south central coast of California. I have always went east or north. I will not be going to LA which I have no interest, whatsoever, to visit.

I have decided to get Rolfed, which is very deep body work focused on structural integration. I did a ten series back in 2001 and then a three series in 2002. I’m doing another three series. Very beneficial body work, which creates absolute change in old patterns of the body. Basically, computers are culprits for the human body. A computer forces (for the most part) the head to go forward and the shoulders to point forward. After awhile the sternum tightens and pulls, along with the scalene muscles. The result is the levator scapulae gets pulled. Once that muscle is pulled the rest of the back muscles follow. Thus, you may notice that you may have some knots in your trapezius muscle, which is the end result. The Ballet position referring to the shoulders being back is the ideal body position. I have studied ballet and I must say, ballet is good for everything regarding the body. It is a form of dance that is very difficult; anybody that is a milquetoast would rather avoid the sport. To avoid being slumped over in the older years; focus in the younger years on how to avoid the forward crunch will help.

I am not excited to get any one place. I am looking forward to leaving the energy of my house situation and the energy of the country. Being free from owning any technology will be an utter pleasure. Of course there hasn’t been anything from stopping me from going anti-tech. I did go five years without any computer. The iBook that I bought in 2005 has been beneficial to the point of finding many helpful resources related to travel. I know one thing, if I go five to seven years without a cell phone, in seven years the cell phones will be very advanced than today, by that time I might not have any interest. Apple’s iPhone is an indication of what cell phones will be like. I prefer to stay away from the whole thing of what this world has to offer. I have lost interest in the progression of technology, although a computer does make writing easier and I do enjoy writing. Nice that there are plenty of internet cafes around the world.

Planning, patience, perseverance, integrity in keeping to the time table, are qualities that have been worth cultivating and manifesting. What’s the hurry anyway; time is a perception according the person. Time is on my side, because I perceive time as timeless. The delusion of time is because we sleep, days past by like the wind, and humans get old and die. Thus, the saying goes, life is short, which is a false understanding, misconception, of life.

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