No Reason to Judge.

All the pictures posted are of Ani.

While visiting Dogubayazit, I ran into a Christian Group of the Seventh-day Adventist branch of Christendom that is researching the Noah’s Ark reality. I met them while I was getting dinner and I joined them at their table.

First, they reacted with amazement concerning my travels; the first question the asked was “do I get lonely”? The next series of their questions is to figure out what is the purpose behind traveling and appending a label upon my identity. They strived in vain—their conclusion— “I am a traveler”.

Traveling independently on a solo venture can overwhelm the mind and ego of someone that is insecure and is inclined to loneliness. Many people that have never been out of their safe country (safety net) are motivated to act dubious and skeptical concerning the subject of long term traveling.

Since humanity is intent on having some purpose in life, I now tell everyone that I am looking for Bin Laden to have a cup of tea with—the joke of the world.

People, naturally, become confused when I express there is no particular reason for traveling, this is just where my life has been directed. Identifying this type of direction; therefore, I will travel for a while. I observed this group to be fixed on labeling. This is a common characteristic worldwide, people attaching to a label. I refuse to label myself. I am a common human being that supports spiritual light averse to the wicked darkness. I don’t claim nor do I want a title.

This group of Christendom are a small group who is proving the historical accuracy of the Bible, which is good in its intention, although, if there is historical archeological evidence that proves the Exodus of Moses or Noah’s Ark—it is impossible to prove if men of the darkness, for deception purposes, manipulated the context of the Biblical Scriptures. Indeed, a large portion of the truth resides within the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures; however, the deep context of truth is obscured for the participants of religion and the world. Jesus taught in parables because the common people were not supposed to understand, the truth is reserved for the chosen enlightened ones that are very few compared to the billions of humans.

Once I elucidated that loneliness resides within, and a person needs to figure out what is missing within and fill it with spirituality—confusion displayed upon their demeanor because of the programmed, ego-driven ideology that is based from judgmental ardent dogma. This may sound judgmental, although I am just stating the facts, there is no reason to personally judge the individual. Their first question concerning loneliness is an indication of their personal inner emptiness. In addition, any deep context of knowledge that is manifested, religious people become intimidated, hence, personal attacks so follow from their tongue with accusing judgments. Ego-driven behavior blinds and deludes people that attach to religious dogma, because of the specialness of their ego. This group commented that only Christians will be saved, the other five billion people of humanity will be destroyed, absolute hogwash judgments upon humanity.

In addition, the subject concerning the moment, and that all provisions happen in the moment seemed alien, which is understandable, for most people the moment can overwhelm, not the mind, but the ego. The ego dislikes the moment, the moment can be boring, though the moment is reality.
However, each person is on their path and for many religion is an immense part of the path. Though, the church fellowship, which this group commented on, can serve to curb personal loneliness, simultaneously support the weak faith of an individual, although can serve as a trap.

A judgmental mentality originates with the ego. The ego strives to swallow up the human psyche. The ego is in context the invisible energy of the darkness. Consequently, a positionality that attaches onto the duality of this world, including religion, leads to a judgmental mentality. Striving to append a label onto your fellowman leads into an opposition of position that creates an enmity that leads into hate.

If a person can grasp and comprehend the truth—that person will recognize there is no reason to judge your fellow citizen.

The Children of the Light reside in each culture, each religion, and without a religion along with the children of the Darkness. Each person of the Children of the Light is granted the chance to be saved into the ego-less new earth. The requirement is to oppose the Man of Lawlessness during the Judgment era; face the test of faith to your death—that person will be resurrected into the ego-less new earth, thus—saved from the kingdom of the darkness. The conclusion, because each person is granted a choice, therefore, no justification to personally judge our fellow citizen.

According to each person’s behavior, a person will experience karma; karmic bonds are attached to behavior of the person—good or bad, hence, no grounds to judge because each person will receive their karma through the context of the Almighty Divine Source. However, supporting the truths and love of the light is essential. Each spirit entered the human cycle that experiences rebirth, the spirit is safe in the human cycle from the corruption of the darkness of the spirit world; thus, billions of spirits entered the human cycle. Each spirit will live each life that dwells in the moment; this illuminates the domination of the moment. Every human experiences personal karma from the previous life—good or bad. Before the judgment era or epoch, each spirit will live under the influence of the darkness and the light—the wheat and weeds live together until the harvest. During the time era of judgment, each person will choose between the light and the darkness through a test of faith. Thus, no excuse to judge others, although battling the darkness and support the love of the light and truth is vital.

The truth (if a person can grasp it) defuses the egocentric judging of your fellow citizen to hell, or destruction. Contemplating that the Children of the Light dwell in each culture, each religion, and without a religion there is no justification to judge. Each person experiences his or her own unique path in life. The cultivation of faith relates differently for each person. Personal faith will be determined upon personal experience for the majority—unfortunately, a multitude of humanity is faithless. For people positioned in religion, they associate faith connected to their religion, although personal faith may grow. The few chosen ones will cultivate faith spiritually within, with the confident expectation of what is unseen.

All humanity is granted a choice during the era of judgment. Members of religions that are positioned will naturally judge a person who is not of their kind; therefore, it is impossible to transcend the ego among an religious organization because each religion around the world is a form of Idolatry. The result of the Idolatry and failure of the Israelites has engulfed the world in Idolatry and the worship of the lower entities.

This whole world, including the world religions, is subjected to the power and rule of the wicked ones of the darkness. Nevertheless, the light shines upon the darkness. Understanding the truth produces a non-judgmental mentality, therefore, an affirmative expression of unselfish love. Revealing the facts of the darkness of a cultural, or lifestyle, can teach to pursue the light of love, peace, joy, faith, long-suffering, and self-control.