Organic Farming—Mid Month.

I am into my second week of living on the organic farm, and everything is working out as planned. We have been busy with the strawberries—the strawberries are the moneymaker. Every morning we pick and bag lettuce and then weed, clean, and transplant the strawberry beds. This situation is ideal—good food, nice family, although busy, I do have my own space. Even though the work is in field, and slightly difficult, I will be seeking out more organic farming situations to supplement my future travels.
Richard in the above picture, he has been eating raw food for the last nine years.

There are several websites I have been browsing for situations to housesit, pet-sit, and care-take—alterative ideas for the long-term traveler. I am working on building a website regarding house and pet sitting for during my travels and as a future reference. I added the websites for house-sitting on the side bar, and I added a reaction feature to the bottom of each post of the blog, the feature is a little buggy, and I will try to add more subjects at a latter date.

The workers from Thailand in the above picture.

I am still in the thinking process of changing my travel style with adding a tent and sleeping bag. Adding more weight, and bulk, to my backpack is a major issue and not to be taken lightly. An alternative to my backpack is that I can detach the daypack and clip it on the front of the main pack. I will be buying a new pack, and I could take the extra daypack and clip it on the front, although it adds bulk and weight. Even so, having an ultra weight tent and sleeping bag provides options. Having the gear to camp in Eastern Europe could can save money and provide opportunities to hitchhike with the idea if I am stuck somewhere without a hotel I can always set up the tent and sleep.

I am currently looking for a room to rent in Jerusalem for the month of January or part of the month. If I don’t find anything then I will tour the north and then visit Jerusalem once I leave the farm.

The similarities between Israel and the United States are astonishing; the fifty-first state is a common thought. The entrée cuisine is more Midwest style here at the farm.