Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel-HI, California

The hostel at the Pigeon Point lighthouse is the very best hostel I have stayed at. Each hostel is different according to layout of the situation. At Pigeon Point, the hostel is a home setting, which has four homes on the property. Each home has one private room and two dorm rooms which sleeps six people, three bunks in each. One dorm for males and the other for females. The common area is very comfortable without a TV. The kitchen and dining areas are shared.

The back yard is a comfortable, ultra serene, peaceful, quite area with the sound of the rushing waves from the ocean. Fantastic area to watch the seagulls and pelicans flying along the waves. As humans, many people feel they need to be doing something; personally, am just fine doing nothing, just listen to the waves and take in the nature of the Almighty Divine Creator of all things.

The hostel is super clean with friendly staff. The hot tub, which is rare for a hostel, is right on the cliff of the ocean. Very reasonable rates, from $20-$23 for the dorm, and $60 for a private room. Driving Highway One on the coast, Pigeon Point is a well worth stopping point on any road trip. An ideal place to get away from the noise of a city or town. Pigeon Point is a hostel of Hostelling International.org