Quick Update—Turkey.

I have four posts loaded for the next four days. This new scheduling feature on blogger I find to be wonderful.

I really like Silifke, I could stay here longer, but I must move on, I guess I have a deadline having to be in Athens by mid November. I will be heading to Konya tomorrow, Konya is where Rumi wrote his writings that are based on a level of Enlightenment.

Tarsus had some strange energy, lots of anger, although worth the stop. Here in Silifke I got a great deal on a nice hotel, only 20 YTL. Today the Lira is 1.52 to the Dollar.

I will write more about Rumi, Konya, and the Museum after I visit. From Konya I will head to Olympos and skipping Antalya, all the tourists would talk about in Cappadocia is Antalya, so I will skip the visit.