Recharged – Heading Out.

Quick note – I am totally recharged and ready to head out of Dahab. House-sitting/Couch-surfing has made all the difference. A person’s needs are always met in the moment – if direction is provided . It has been an interesting stay here in Dahab. I have observed different sides to this dive haven of a town. There are some very nice, open minded people that I have met, with very good hearts. Several people I met that could carry on a deep conversation based on spirituality. Also, I have ran into the same type of enslaved, closed minded type of people, which shouldn’t be surprising – that’s everywhere. The area of Assalah is way more kick back then the area of Mashraba, where I was staying when at the hotel. The area of Mashraba is more touristic which creates strange energy with the Egyptian men.

For one night (tonight) I am at a camp toward the end of the pedestrian strip in Assalah, just a few yards from the sea. I am tempted to stay a few more nights because it’s right on the sea, although it is April and I am heading out to Mount Sinai tomorrow.

One more month and I will be heading to Jordan. I am tentatively planning my summer travels, I will be covering some ground. The plan is to be in southern Greece by the winter or around that area of the Mediterranean, it’s a toss up on which route I will be taking.

I won’t be posting for awhile, maybe a week or two.