Respite in Beirut.

All the pictures posted are of a Dead city and Apamea in Syria.
House-sitting in Beirut I think will be interesting. Lately I have been very tired; I am definitely catching up on some rest. I will not be doing much for the next week or two.

In Addition, I am doing some self-care bodywork. I find that my body is in major need of good bodywork, although good massage might be difficult to find. I’m very thankful for the time that I took for massage school during 2004 and 2005. MJ, the woman of the house, will be back August 15th, which adds up to a full eight weeks here in Beirut. I am not sure what I will do between the 15th and 31st of August, although I can stay here until the end of August if I wish.

This week I am just getting to know the neighborhood, finding all the good grocery stores to shop at, gathering food for the house, searching out the fastest Internet. There are many places with wireless Internet, although some are slow. I have been finding Beirut to be very expensive. Food prices are on a crazy level. The weather is very hot and humid. The dry heat, as in Damascus, I find much more tolerable than the humidity, with major humidity everything is wet and sticky. Even so, my stay will be beneficial.

There is some strange energy here, though, considering all the different groups, and the different lifestyle than the other Arab countries – the strange energy should be expected. Interesting enough, people are not wearing an outward appearance according to their group, tribe, or religious side. Each group has their own flag that a person can observe in certain neighborhoods, but on the outward appearance, people really don’t know which side a person is on, except for their name and identity card. Learning about the civil war that happened within this city should fascinate anyone with a keen interest in history.

The subject of ego among travelers has been a problem. I am coming up with a strategic plan because I am in the process of conquering this subject. Primarily, what I have noticed while traveling is an inflated ego among other travelers, especially with short-term travelers – three to nine month travelers. Indeed, the ego is self centered, filled with brags and selfish attention. Naturally, people want to know where a person has traveled. Many people ask if I am on a vacation, which is normal to ask, except for the answer they are anticipating is the opposite and incites their jealousy. Explaining my story, my style of travel, has become an energetic draining toil. To combat this irritation, I decided to order business cards. Having cards of my blog site address will enable giving out my card and giving an excuse – long story, please read. This will allow the avoidance of the tongue that the ego attaches itself too and claims credit.

I am not traveling for the self-centered attention that a person can receive from others – you will not see a picture of myself on this blog.

I do realize that people view my style of travel an unbelievable concept, although I do not have that view. When other travelers (not all) hear about my style of travel; my story bends them out of shape. Most people are traveling fast, hitting the sites, and leaving the country. For people that are visiting five countries in six weeks, such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel – my style of travel can perplex a person – considering that it will take me a year to have visited five countries. Everyone has different styles of travel – not one style is better than the other; each person has their own interests on how they want to travel.

I came across a blog of a long-term traveler that is into his fourth year. I am not sure what his route has been, but his blog, Steve is Lost, is interesting.