Respite in Bulgaria.

I am having some excellent respite time house/pet sitting.

Here in Bulgaria many aspects are noticeable from the former Soviet era. There are still many old Soviet cars on the streets, along with old buildings, and statues still stand. Bulgaria having an influence from the Russians and Ottomans comprises of an interesting mix with excellent sausage of Eastern Europe and Kebab from the influence of Turkey.

Around Tryavna many old peasant looking people exist who lived their lives during the old regime. The old couple laking out of the woods with a cart of fire wood they just collected, an old man bent over at the waist walking with a cane is a common site. Several old people in Turkey, Greece, and here in Bulgaria I have noticed are bent over at the waste, I cannot help from wondering how did their body become so bent over? There are those who raise sheep and cows that live in the villages dotting the country side of the Central Balkan National Park. The small village I am dwelling is the type of old village you will view in a movie. Old, run down type of cottage houses where the older generation still lives from the old Soviet era; the younger generation moved on to find education and work in the bigger cities.

As I recall, all the travelers I met who visited Bulgaria mostly stayed two or three days, basically, they visit Sofia and moved on. Indeed, there is not much for the tourist in Bulgaria except for the beaches of the Black Sea, and skiing in the mountains in the winter. Although, why travel as a tourist? Possibly the avoidance of boredom? The lack of having an interest of depth in life? Certainly, the shallow person will want to move fast, after all, what else is there to see? I have found it fascinating to observe this aspect of travel. It is common to view certain aspects among travelers: the person what to be recognized by others, or to become famous, or they are trying to profit from traveling and the tourist industry—or all three. This is not an absolute generality.

A house-situation is available in Italy for two months starting September 15, I am tempted, however I will not jump the gun, I will stick to my 2009 travel route.

I find that traveling from place to place and blogging regular about the history and tourist sites is energetically draining, and I view it superficial. It is pleasant to see that most people would like the context of this blog based on the reality of life and personal blogging. I have much more of an interest with blending my writing with subjects of the reality of life, personal, and spiritual blogging, with a blend of history of the area and country. There are many websites with information of tourist sites a person can browse. However, some tourist sites will deserve an individual post. While in Greece, including Turkey, blogging everyday about each site produced a depleted system.

In addition, I will not be converting my travel blog into a website. Many bloggers do prefer setting up a website style interface for their blog; nevertheless, this travel blog will remain a writing blog with few changes on the side bar from time to time.

I have asked the opinion of many people about posting the above route that I have accomplished in traveling on the front page. One person, through commenting on another blog mentioned that it is “ego driven”, although the subject at hand was numbering how many countries a person has traveled, which I view the subject of numbers as shallow.

The mere reason why I post the above accomplished route traveled is for the navigation of the reader. I have visited many travel blogs that it took a several hours just to figure out where they have traveled and how long they stayed in each country. Feel free to leave a comment concerning your opinion of the above subject.

The process I am using to produce, edit, and post pictures is working well. The program “Flickery” works great and has produced simplicity posting pictures to Flickr. A desktop program for Mac called “Tweetie” was released, which I prefer to Tweetdeck when posting and reading on Tweeter. Having a good simplified routine for pictures, micro-blogging, and regular blogging benefits the day to day process for travel blogging.

I am feeling much better concerning my cough, although I can say that western medicine causes an obscure type of energy with ones spirit. If a person experiences themselves with a lack of ambition, motivation, and lack of interest in life—if your taking any western medication—you may want to reconsider the circumstances. The shroud that is cast from the digestion of western medicine produces a depressive state of energy. Indeed, when an individual requires an ingestion of medicine, the medicine can produce positive results as a cure. However, an ongoing intake of western medicine for who could contend with the difficulties of life will benefit by avoiding the consumption of western medicine, such as antibiotics, antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety type of pills. I will avoid the digestion of western medicine unless it is absolutely necessary, although this episode I wanted to avoid any type of Bronchitics and that nasty cough did reside.

Today I just received a reflexology session from one of the English women that I met on Monday at the coffee shop.