Sarajevo Apartment Living and Making Salads.

tossed green mixed cabbage and beet salad

Living in Sarajevo seems to be an OK place, I could stay longer, but located in a valley the city gets cold winters, but pleasant summers. The above salad I created with the tool below that I bought for $2.00, this little tool is the ultimate to build a nice shredded salad and extremely mobile. I have been busy optimizing my other sites and will be totally set up when continue traveling. I know this sounds like a long drawn out process, but the education is progressional.

vegetable slicer,cabbage slicer, cut carrots

The Best Vegetable Slicer

I really like the flat I am staying at, the location faces somewhat northeast and is ideal for the summer. It looks like this blog will be busy when I actively travel, but when I nest or house sit I slow down with travel writing. If I don’t start heading north on the first of September I will be departing the Balkans by the 8th. It will be a year and a half since I arrived in Bulgaria and an excellent experience.