Sierra Hot Springs and the Globe Hotel in California

Sierra Hot Springs is my favorite place in California. They do have a small room of dorm beds in the main lodge or very nice private rooms, there are three shared bathrooms for the whole lodge. If a person can not get a room at the main lodge, the historic Globe Hotel is available in town which is only a two minute drive. Each location has a kitchen that is available for all to use. I always bring my own food since I stay a good week when visiting. For more information click on the link on the right side bar under “links”.

This picture is of the lodge at Sierra Hot Springs. The lodge is very rustic type of setting, the private rooms are very comfortable. I basically do the same thing each day, I soak, have something to eat, nap, read, or sit by the wood burning stove, three time a day for the whole week. Big time relaxation.

This is the meadow looking out from the lodge surrounded by mountains. The time I enjoy visiting is the month of November; nice, cool, crisp weather, which makes the warm pools feel so very pleasant. This time of season the wood burning stove is enjoyable to sit around visiting with strangers.

The energy of the springs is quite, relaxing, and divine. Very quite – the perfect way to de-stress oneself if need be. I prefer coming up here alone. The mind will unwind from the busyness of life from the long soaks in the pools. I had this planned from the start that I would come up here right before I leave the country. It just worked out that I was able to leave my household situation three weeks before I fly out of the country, this time has been well spent.

The path walking up to the Temple Dome, the hot, hot pool, is in the Temple Dome and a warm swimming pool in the back of it with a sauna and sun deck. This is a clothing optional place, many people are nude. I prefer without any clothing.

The Phoenix baths are private, they are the fill it up yourself type.

The Meditation bath, which is my very favorite pool, the water is straight from the source. This pools is built right into the ground. Very quite, great pool for the early morning with the birds singing.

This place is well worth the cost. I always request room five. Room two is nice for a couple. For more information and pictures, click on the link under “Links”.

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