Skiing with Children: Top Tips and Advice

Despite our summer being in full swing, winter is just around the corner and now is the time that many of us consider a break during the colder months.

While our children may be preparing themselves for their return to school, there’s no reason why you can’t treat them to a week in the mountains during the Christmas or February holidays (or, better still, during term-time to save money if you can get away with it) and as a child, there’s no better time to learn the skills required to master the slopes.

Whether you’re looking at the Neilson ski holidays in Austria or you’re hoping to head into the Pyrenees for a family-friendly stint in Andorra, the options are endless.

The trick is to choose a resort that accommodates children perfectly – look out for quality, English speaking ski schools, childcare facilities and activities on and off the slope that will keep them entertained.

Children aged 3 and up are usually able to learn to ski, with some ski schools accepting kids as young as 2.

While this does mean that the youngest babes in your family won’t be able to have a go, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to enjoy the snow to the best of their ability, with bumboarding, sledging and sleigh rides available in many of the child-friendly resorts.

Try to choose accommodation that is close to the ski lifts or, better still, is on the slopes and can be skied straight to the door. It’s tough walking with ski boots on, lugging skis around – especially for youngsters.

Hire the equipment you require rather than spending frivolously on kit for all the family – it’ll get pricey, quickly. Remember that it’s often a pre-requisite for children to wear helmets on the slope – many resorts offer these for free when hiring other equipment.

Most of all, savour the quality time you have with your children – they’ll love the experience and will be the masters of the snow plough in no time!