Slight Change of Plan.

A little change in the plan occurred, heading out of Sinop there was no bus heading to Amsara, only one bus a week makes the route. The best place to go was Kastamonu. Also, the three days after Ramadan is a holiday for everyone, and Amsara is a resort area for the Turkish—the hotels increase the price on holidays and weekends. I also decided to skip going to Sanfranbolu—if a person is interested in Ottoman style architecture then these two towns including Amasya and Mardin are the towns not to miss.

I stayed one night in Kastamonu and decided to head to the capital city—today I arrived in Ankara. I thought of skipping Ankara all together in the beginning, although reading the book it would be a big mistake to miss the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. My interest concerning the Hittites is the predominant reason for traveling Turkey.

I found a somewhat descent hotel with a private bathroom for only 25YTL in Ankara. The old guy that owns the place is nice, though, no English spoken like everyplace else I have been to in Turkey, although that is about to change heading into the touristy areas.

I will post soon concerning the route to Ankara and the current plan.