Strange things Happen.

Today a person left me a note on my truck having an interest in buying it – I don’t have a for-sale sign on it. A young lady in need of a truck, I called the number and they were over within fifteen minutes and left me a deposit for the truck and will pay the remainder on November ninth. We wrote up a small agreement and they put their trust in me.

Basically, karma out in California is common knowledge, compared to maybe in the mid-west. I also reassured their trust by mentioning a person named Moses. Everyone knows who Moses was and he wrote, “Do Not Steal”. That phrase does not take any interpretation to figure out.

So the truck is locked in to sell on November ninth. I asked that they must have very good intuition or did the energy of the truck jump out and grab them? The bottom line – Divine Direction.

I decided to leave the household on Sunday, three more days until I enter the lifestyle of a traveling nomad.