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As anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in the African continent will tell you, Africa is not a country. Instead, it is the second largest continent in the world, a kaleidoscope of over fifty countries that is home to no less than 15% of the total population of the planet. Surprised? Its Read more

Before I set out to travel back in 2007 one important resource I throughly researched is banking. Without studious research the traveler may experience high ATM fees and the freezing of your account due to a foreign transaction. The most costly foreign transaction fees by withdrawing money for an ATM are from Local Banks. Some Read more

When it’s that time of year to plan your next holiday, deciding on your destination can be a difficult choice. Do you stay with what you know? Or, alternatively, do you try a new resort and broaden your horizons? With plenty of Tunisia holiday deals available online if you look close enough, and holidays in Read more

Are you looking for an exciting destination to take the tots to this half term? Great deals on hotels in Edinburgh put you at the heart of a vibrant city, filled with family friendly attractions and events. With half term falling over the Halloween period for 2012, booking your city break in advance is advised Read more