The Bahariyya Oasis.

Greetings Fellow Earthlings, I am in the Bahariyya Oasis 350 KM from Cairo. It is nice to be away from Cairo and the smog. This oasis is very nice. The energy is different, although a long story on why that is. The hotel I am at is very nice, I cut a good deal with the owner for a week with my own bathroom for only 35LE a night. The owner is a very fare and honest guy. When the bus dropped us off, all the hotel people were there handing out cards. I new about this hotel from the guide book and decided to check it out. I sat down a said I have no idea how long a want to stay. I saw a couple of rooms and got the owner to sit and have tea with me. I told him how long I have been in Egypt and I am not like a tourist, in and out – fast, I am a traveler who takes things nice and slow. Well he got me on a good desert trip with a great group at a very fare price. Sitting down having tea helps with the negotiations out here in Egypt.

I went to the White Desert for an overnight and I found out a person could go to the moon in Egypt. The Internet here is slow, so pictures wont be for awhile, although it will be worth your wait. The White Desert is a place that is unbelievable. Believe me, we all felt we were on another planet.

The group I went with was great, two girls from France and a couple from Australia. One of the girls from France is moving to Lebanon and gave me her e-mail. She said to contact her and we will be hooking up if and when I get to Beirut. I could go through Lebanon to Turkey and maybe get a visa for Syira in Beirut. We all slept outside under blankets and the temperature was about 5* C which is about 40* F. It was wonderful, this desert was very strange in many ways. We also had a great Bedouin dinner.

I will be staying in Bahariyya until Thursday and then heading to The Dakhla Oasis for a good two weeks, from what I have heard it a nice place. I am thinking on doing a two day camel safari here in Bahariyya, although I might pass it up and wait until I get to Sinai. I will be doing some sort of two to three night camel safari before I leave Egypt, I would like to do a 10 day trip.