The Beehives & Qasr Ibn Wardan.

Taking the excursion out to an area where the road goes nowhere is always a worthwhile occasion.

Emperor Justinian of the Byzantine Empire, in the mid sixth century, erected Qasr ibn Wardan. The fortress was a combination of a church, a palace, and a military base. Hence, from the appearance a person would never think that it served for defense.

Built with thin bricks with a combination of black basalt rock I found the site and location of interest.

On the road to nowhere, few towns exist that are popular because of the beehive type of structures. These structures were built due to the harsh climate. The interior remains a constant temperature in the summer and winter.

I couldn’t help not thinking of the Cone-Heads of Saturday Night Live from the late seventies when visiting the beehives.

The tornado type of desert whirlwinds that take place in the desert is fascinating, stirring up from the dusty desert ground, whisking along the horizon. I find the whirlwind beautiful to gaze upon from a distance.

I have noticed lots of different types wild life that live in the desert. Here is a picture of a beautiful desert lizard. This is the area the single female blogger from Canada was trying to get to on her own.