The Bridge Street Inn Hostel-HI, Cambria.

This is the beach at Cambria.

During my four in a half day excursion, I stayed at four different hostels. The Bridge Street Inn Hostel in Cambria is the best of the best. Within the network of hostelling international, and half way between San Fransisco and Los Angeles, this hostel is the perfect stop during a pacific coastal highway road trip. The owner and staff are very friendly and welcoming. Being privately owned for ten years, this hostel has the feel of a cozy, homey, bed and breakfast.

There is more then one private room, and within the shared rooms with bunks, each bed has a curtain, which makes a huge difference. Small little things make a big difference, such as each bed had a small light, shampoo and body wash in the bathrooms, and a curtain for privacy. A full, well equipped kitchen and super spotless, clean as can be. This place is a gem, which anyone driving down the coast should stop for a night and experience.

This is an ideal location to stay if anyone is going to tour Hearst Castle. Hearst Castle is only 7 miles away from Cambria. Hearst Castle has three tours in the winter and four during the summer, one tour per day is ideal. If anything, a person should go on tour one and two.

I met a couple and two girls from Italy during my stay at The Bridge Street Inn. Wonderful time we had that evening, very nice friendly people, lovely language, great culture. I will for sure be visiting Italy. There was also some people from France, or I should say from Paris. they were a little different. I questioned their covert rudeness to the couple from Italy. They said because of being Parisian. Outside of Paris the French of much nicer. There is a good chance I will doing some Wwoofing in France and Italy.