Across the Atlantic Travels: The Closing

My international travels will be coming to a close concerning across the Atlantic travels and traveling on buses and trains with a backpack. Most of you know I will be starting a cycling nomadic lifestyle to continue my travels.

I will eventually be heading to Central America and possibly South America on the bike. But first, I will be riding from Minneapolis to the Southwest and California for the winter and spring of 2012. It will be a big toss up if I head back to Minneapolis for the summer of 2012, and then do the long haul to Mexico and Guatemala. I could possibly bike around California and Oregon and then head to Mexico. I am planning on staring out at 30 miles a day. I will reach my first goal of 600 miles in 20 days if I don’t take a day off. I have best friends in southern Missouri.

I set up my cycling site correctly and it has a page rank of 3 under 2 months. I am looking forward to purchasing a new 11 inch Macbook Air and possibly another Apple gadget. I am ready for a lighter computer. I am waiting to see what is released with the new line of iPods and iPhones. The rumor is that Apple might release a prepaid cheaper iPhone. Considering that I could use an iPhone for my camera, iPod, and many other tasks, an iPhone would be ideal.

I have been wanting to change my traveling style for over a year, and now is the perfect opportunity, and I am looking forward to cycling in the United States.