The Complete Tour of Jordan

I arrived in Aqaba Jordan April 21st 2008 by boat from Egypt. I stayed in Aqaba for two nights at the Jordan Flower Hotel for 10JD a night. From Aqaba I took a bus to Wadi Musa (Petra) and stayed at the Orient Gate Hotel for 10JD a night, which I don’t recommend this hotel, they were kind of dishonest, plus it was right next to a Mosque with a nice loud wake up call at 4:30AM.

From Wadi Musa (Petra) I took a taxi for 18JD, to the Dana Natural Reserve and stayed at the Dana Tower Hotel for two nights at 12JD a night. There were no buses going directly to Dana. I slept in a tent with a wonderful dinner and breakfast included in the price.

From Dana I took a bus to Tafila and connected on to a bus to Mu’tah, then connected on a bus to Karak. In Karak I stayed two nights at the Castle Towers Hotel. A great place to stay, very hot water in my own bathroom which was nice. I paid 10JD a night with breakfast.

I got a ride from two American women who was going to Madaba from Karak. I stayed at the Madaba hotel for four nights. The hotel was kind of like a grandmas homes, very comfortable except for lack of hot water. The Mosque was very loud in the morning with a one hour reading from the Qu’ran starting at 4 AM. Nevertheless, the hotel was a nice place to stay at.

From Madaba I took a bus to Amman. I was able to couch-surf for three nights by the university. After the couch-surfing I stayed at The Place Hotel one night, which I really didn’t like, strange energy with the staff so I moved to the Fahra hotel which was much better. I paid 8JD a night at the Fahra hotel, although I did decline the breakfast.

From Amman I took a bus to Irbid, which is a great place to base oneself for the northern sites. I stayed at the Omayed Hotel for 12JD a night with my own bathroom, which was a great place to stay. I stayed six nights. The university area of Irbid is a great area to hang out. From Irib I took a taxi to the border of Syria for 10JD

May 19th 2008 I entered Syria.

Of course the two sites not the miss are Petra and Jerash. I did not go to the Wadi Rum, although this is a top area for people who are into landscapes. I don’t feel like I missed anything. I did visit some very incredible deserts in Egypt.

I found Jordan to be very pleasant and an easy going country to travel. Hassle free with genuine hospitable people that truly will invite you for tea and want nothing else except to visit.
Jordan is certainly, much more grounded emotionally, than Egypt.
An overall great place to travel, and a extremely safe place to travel.

Take note – there are no student discounts in Jordan. Everybody pays the same price for the tourists sites.

Today I entered Syria and I am Damascus, I will post shortly regarding the border crossing.