The Concept of Home ?

There are many concepts I have found by having the correct perception can aid a person’s longevity on their adventure. Having the opportunity to drive many tourist, travelers, and business people through an airport sedan service company for awhile proved to be a complete learning experience.

The most comical observation was noticing how much stuff people would bring along with them. Sometimes the customer had so much luggage that it barely fit in the trunk. I would ask “going for few weeks”? For the most part the answer was “no, just for a few days”. I was floored every time with inner laughter. No matter how long I have went on a vacation in the past, I have just brought one carry on bag and a small backpack or hand bag.

The most interesting observation was their reaction and comment according to their “home” and sleeping in their own bed. Some were relieved that their home still existed. The concern or fear was their house being burnt down and other such calamities that a person could be afflicted with.

Considering the attachment a person can form regarding their home and even their own bed they regularly sleep in. I found that it would be essential to cultivate the correct outlook. I needed to break the habit of sleeping on my stomach several years ago so I started to sleep on a therma-rest on the floor, something like this can easily break any attachment to a bed. Many customers that I drove could not wait to sleep in their own bed coming back from a trip. I personally don’t mind where I sleep as long as it is level. Sleeping on an incline could prove to be tricky. Although I know that if a human being gets tired enough he will sleep anywhere.

The concept of “home” can make or break the traveler. I was up at the hostel in San Francisco last summer or so and at that time there were a bunch of girls from Australia. Charming and friendly girls with their voice and certain English terms that they use. Sitting in the common room I always try to strike up conversation with someone, all it takes is asking where they are from and have an interest in them. Using that as a starting point a conversation seems to blossom out of just asking where they are from. One of the girls was telling me that her friend ended up going home early and that she was on her own because of it. Basically she said that her friend “couldn’t handle it” and was “missing her home”.

Through my observations I have chosen a certain line of attack regarding the concept of “home”. The strong emotional attachment to one’s home can be quite ingrained. My experience “roughing it” in my truck for a year, by choice, has proved to be a beneficial blessing in disguise time and time again.

During that time the idea of your own bed that you might miss doesn’t come to mind. The idea and concept of home and what it might mean to you changes. I found a persons true home resides within. Where ever I go my “true home” travels with me. Ridding any attachment of an external home and transcending any duality that’s involved. Then the true reality that sets in is that the “home resides within”.

Living with that reality no matter where I go I will always be “home”.