The Concept of Preconceived Ideas

The most popular preconceived idea I can think of was the concept of Y2K. This idea was based on the change of 1999 to 2000 regarding the time and date of computer systems. The concern was based on the idea that the computer would not communicate like they should regarding checks being printed on time or even the system’s crashing to the point of causing chaos. The media drilled this idea in the minds of the public. The result is always, talk, talk, talk, which is always covered over with B.S.

This preconceived idea motivated a family to construct a hidden hideaway up in the mountains in the western United States. When this was aired on mainstream TV the camera crew had to be blindfolded to conceal the location. The idea of Y2K, which was preconceived, since it had not happened yet, was the idea that the “end” was going to happen according to their perception and their were determined to keep themselves “safe”.

Well January 1st 2000 came and went in one quick hurry and the transition was as smooth as a babies bottom. I guess that family can make their hideaway into a summer resort for themselves enjoy all their food they stocked up for themselves, unless of course the media just made this up to instill fear into the public.

Considering a story such as this and observing past experiences, preconceived ideas stem from expectations which can lead into fancy filled fear based on human delusion. Most preconceived ideas about a certain country regarding travel stems from the media and their propaganda that they chose to delude the public with.

This last winter I was going to the gym here in town and enjoyed the sauna and steam room which is a pleasure during cold freezing nights by the coast. Many times the subject came up about travel. Listening to other people’s perceptions was certainly something to learn from. Most people’s perceptions are based on fear. The fear of the unknown has the power to stop a person in their tracks. Many had an opinion which was produced from a preconceived idea which they strongly believe without reading any material from any reliable source, basically it came down to what they “heard”.

Preconceived ideas not only stereotype people, countries, and cultures, but also end being a cause of judgment and ego driven criticism which causes friction between common loving acquaintances, friendships and intimate relationships.

Since I keep myself free of the mainstream media brainwashing tactics, I seek out reliable sources, such as other blogs or travel books, to get a good idea of a certain region.

Keeping oneself free from preconceived ideas will avoid the pitfall of expectations which will in turn free a person from a fear based outlook in life, which most fear is a figment of a person’s imagination. The only way to overcome fear is to face it.

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