The End is Near, but a New Beginning Awaits!

Since I left India I have been at a crossroads concerning international travel. As I mentioned prior, I experienced and saw the countries I have always wanted to visit. I lived in several places such as Bulgaria. At this point my international travels are ending at the end of August.

I have been going over every possible alternative lifestyle according to my finances. I was thinking of buying a VW camper van or a class C RV and live in California or the Southwest. But, do I really want to dump my money in a used vehicle and pay high gas prices and insurance? the answer is No, I really don’t have any interest.

Ironically, when I was at the movie theater in Gdansk, I was reminded, before I departed America in 2007 I said that if I don’t travel for 7 years I will walk or bike across America. And, the universe is holding me to my word.

Walking with a 50 pound pack on my back is out of the question. But, biking as a nomad around North America hit me like a rock. Ever since I have been researching the possibilities.

So I decided to pursue a Bicycling Nomad Lifestyle and I have plenty of money to last for at least three years.

I built another blog that I will be journaling about my lifestyle. This travel blog will be archived for inspiration for anyone who reads.

For all the readers that want to continue following my lifestyle you can visit my new site and subscribe with your email on the sidebar.

I will be posting for a few more times on this blog, then good bye unless I travel internationally again some day.