The Felucca Trip.

The River Nile.

The morning view where we docked the first night.

Absolutely relaxing, silence and stillness. The only words I can think of sailing on the Nile, just what I needed. The felucca trip was a major relaxing time. The first day we had great wind to the point that we just coasted at a nice slow quite pace. My body felt the relaxation right away. I went into deep meditative states as least five times the first day. It was wonderful. Of course coming back into the loudness of the Arab world, or at least Egypt, has been kind of difficult, although the relaxation is certainly what I needed. Sailing on the Nile is a wonderful peaceful experience; ultra quite, just strolling down the river. This particular meditative state I try to enter once in awhile has benefits. Sailing on the Nile made it easy.

The first night was divinly calm. They cover the top and sides of the felucca. Sleeping under blankets in the nice cold crisp air was a delight. All the cooking is done in the boat plus tea and everything.

The second day was very windy, so windy that the boats cruising down river were docked, although since we were cruising up river against the current, we were able to sail. In the morning, it was so windy we started without the sail. The wind pushed us against the current. After awhile we sailed with a quarter sail, only. When we went with a half sail we started to cruise quite fast. The next night was kind of windy, but not that bad.

I was very happy to take this trip without any other tourists. It was a very relaxing time. The Captain was the brother of the family I stayed with, he had his first mate to help out on the sailing. Most people kind of expect a tourist to want to have a good time, party, drink, and smoke along with making noise. Of course this can also serve as a good time for the captains of the boat. Many people (not all) become perplexed because I just enjoy the moment of nature, silence and stillness. I can have a great time just watching birds all day; although, people in this culture people get bored quickly, they have to have noise, idol talk, something to do; if there alone to long they get lonely. Loneliness is a lack of inner spirituality. Within this culture very few people will be able to learn the truths and light of deep inner spirituality. Deep programing keeps people utterly stuck and enslaved to an ideology of deception.

Nevertheless, I was at peace on this trip, there was no radio and if there was I would have told them to turn it off. I still kind of feel I am on the boat, waving around. I am very relaxed right know in Aswan. I did meet another boat captain here in Aswan, he would do a trip from Aswan to Edfu and back for a really good price, I am thinking it over. That trip would be five nights, six days of the river. I am not to sure when I will make the trip to Abu Simbel.

This is the temple at Kom Ombo, we docked across the river for the second night. A very conservative town, their prayer call at five in the morning was for a half an hour. I have found the loud pray call (five times a day) affects the populace in a negative way. Very few people get up for the prayer call anyway at 5am, I think it’s kind of a joke. I can say one thing they sure do like their loud speakers out here. In America you can be thankful for the law regarding no-noise between 10pm and 8am.

I am not to sure how long I will be in Aswan. I have found Upper Egypt to be vastly different then Lower Egypt in many cultural ways. Upper Egypt is more of a challenge to travel. Luxor was the worst.