The First Snow—Bulgaria.

Today is the first snow here in Bulgaria. In the Bulgarian language snow is pronounced “Sa’nack, kind of like “snack” but with the emphasis in the “nack”. When I first heard the word I though they were taking about having a snack. I love the snow, I think it provides a beautiful atmosphere, but not in a city where they use salt.

This next month I will be working and changing the template on this blog. It is ready for a new design and I want a navigation bar; place the links on a separate page. I have also been trying out a few other gadgets. So a few changes will be taking place within the next month. Also, I have been trying different options for the “Read More” concept, I will leave the full post active for the first post; I try to find a template that allows the full post and the jump text link. Feel free to leave a comment concerning the subject.

I decided to breakdown and purchase the mobile internet from Globul. I held out long enough, and it is time to have the Internet at home because of the template work and the way I want to be set up by the time I leave this spring. I discontinued going to the local library here in the village because of the negativity that is embedded within these people of the village, also, when kids are visiting they are obnoxiously loud due to their utter boredom. The lady that works at the local library obsessively smokes and plays video games all day long, and does not know how to start the wood stove; she fills the stove and lights it from the top and allows the whole room to fill with smoke.

The library in Pravormay is much nicer and the workers always smile.

The mobile internet using a USB stick on the G2 network will suffice for the next four months, and the guy said I can cancel the contract when I leave this spring. However, G3 is suppose to begin after the new year. I purchased the limited 12GB, which is the largest package, and will be plenty of bandwidth. I monitor my usage of bandwidth though Net Barrier, a program that was included with the MacUpdate bundle last spring. I bought the last two MacUpdate bundles, although this year I will pass, the programs that are offered are nothing spectacular. The bundles are a great deal, you receive over ten applications for $49, the regular price is close to $500. Last year Notebook from Circus Ponies was included in the bundle and it is the application I use the most.