The Gaza Dilemma.

I am sure you have heard from the news about the fighting in the Gaza Strip. I thought of writing about a few facts about the Gaza dilemma. An important aspect to understand is that Gaza is a welfare state supported by the West that includes the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Israel; no Arab countries support Gaza financially. In addition, the Arab countries do not like the Palestinians nor do they want to get involved by supporting them with humanitarian aid. The Arab countries use the issue to breed their hate for Israel.

I am personally not taking any sides, I am just sharing some facts that I have learned from traveling this region since November 2007.

Indeed, there are two sides to the story; Israel does break international laws, although they did withdraw from Gaza in 2005, including the settlements. Israel does dominate the borders, although taking a close look at the situation; they have to control the imports because of the volatile and capricious nature of the Arabs and Iran toward Israel.

When Hamas won the majority of the parliament from the last elections, the West discontinued the Millions of dollars of aid that paid government and community workers that comprised of the majority of the economy in Gaza. The cause and effect resulted because Hamas would not recognize Israel’s right to exist, and renounce violence. During this time, Hamas and Fattah (the two Palestinian political entities) fought and killed each other in Gaza that resulted in Hamas dominating The Gaza Strip. Since the money donations from the West ceased, Gaza started to decline into poverty; the obstinate, foolish behavior based on hate has not benefited The Gaza Strip.

A few days ago, Hamas held a rally in Gaza City with thousands of people from Gaza and displayed the Israeli prisoner that Hamas abducted over two years ago that sparked the war. Hamas portrayed strength and honor because of their Israeli prisoner and vowed to shoot rockets into Israel because the six months cease-fire expired.

Hamas started to shoot rockets into Israel without let up a few days ago, Israel told Hamas to stop or they will be bombed. Hamas did not listen, again, Israel told Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel, and Hamas did not listen. After the warnings fell on deaf ears—Israel has no other option to use force, and from talking to Israelis—they are weary and have had enough of the problem, and will teach Hamas a lesson, and this is why Gaza is being hit with such strong strength. This is also the reasoning behind bombing Lebanon with severity in the war of 2006; don’t negotiate and teach them a lesson so the aggressor with cease the hostilities. The common of thought here in Israel is—if the United States, Russia or China would receive rockets from a neighboring country, would they just sit back and allow it to happen? The Answer is—No, any other Western country would flatten the aggressor.

Hamas started this aggression, and they still have not stopped firing rockets into Israel after being bombed. However, from the news we hear the high number death count and injuries in Gaza. Now, after Hamas staged their honorable rally, they are playing the victim.

I am stating the facts of the current problem— both sides have made mistakes. The West should have not stop the welfare payments or should have not allowed Hamas to run in the elections; ⁄although, Hamas should have renounced violence and recognized Israel’s right to exist. Even so, Hamas makes decisions according to their honor, which results in stupidity.

From experiencing close contact with Israeli’s, I can say that Israel is tired of the problems and have no choice to build the wall—the wall has decreased suicide attacks 95% within Israel, I will explain both sides of the picture at a latter date concerning the wall of the West Bank.

The bottom line for The Gaza Strip is that it’s a Welfare state that no country wants to pay the bill. In addition, The Gaza Strip is an open-air prison, walled from Israel with the Sea on the west and the border with Egypt on the south. Egypt does not want the problem of Gaza.

Up until the six-day war of 1967, Egypt controlled Gaza. Within that time, Egypt did not grant any of the Palestinian’s citizenship of Egypt. Egypt did not care about Gaza, and during the peace process with Egypt—Israel wanted Egypt to take Gaza, and Egypt said No.
Israel is stuck with the problem because of the six-day war of 1967. From traveling the last year from Egypt to Turkey with a listening ear—nobody likes the Palestinians.

I am far away from any rocket fire from Gaza, plus I will be heading north to stay with the sister of the family this Sunday and use her place as a base to travel the north.

Personally, there are aspects of both cultures, Arab and Israeli, that I enjoy. I have met nice people from the whole region of the Middle East, I remain neutral as an observer, although I do strive to write the truthful facts.