The Pitfall of Expectations

Expectations can be a snare in many ways for any type of short or long term traveler. I, like most people fell into the expectation of fantasy in my younger days. Planning something to do or somewhere to go and in the mean time fantasize and build expectations, which you really don’t know what the place will be like or what you will do until you get there.

I have observed over and over with people having strong expectations over something that will take place in the future just to end up disappointed because their expectations were not fulfilled.

I learned a long time ago that whatever happens will happen in the moment. The moment, regarding what might happen, or not, is all that matters. The trick is, within the moment, whatever might happen, good or bad, must happen for a reason. Taking this into consideration the most important thing to keep in mind is if something unpleasant does happen, avoid getting emotional, because strong emotion can disrupt a person ability to troubleshoot the situation.

Many people do ask if I am excited to leave. I must that it will be nice to head out, but I really don’t allow myself to get anxious over the idea. There are many things that I need to keep focused on in preparation to depart, such as getting rid the rest of my stuff and a few other very detailed important tasks that need to be arranged. Having the focus elsewhere could prove to cause difficulties. Many people will ask me, How will you go about doing this? Or how do you plan for something like this?
Deeply thinking and troubleshooting and taking time allows me to carefully plan on the tentative level because plans can change. What has allowed me to troubleshoot is training the mind.

The way I have went about to keep my mind elastic and active is by challenging it and staying away from passive activity such as TV. I have found myself to be a major book worm. Deep subjects of truth and learning about facts in life are pleasant to my soul. Instead of just being involved in easy reading, I enjoy researching and studying subjects that challenges my mind. The more the mind is challenged the more elastic it will be along with a good memory.

Dance I found to be highly beneficial to challenge the brain and to create new neurons and connections. A very difficult dance move challenges the brain, but once learned it’s like riding a bike. Learning a new language or studying music is one of the best ways to challenge the brain.

Passive TV watching allows the brain to become lazy and week causing the person to have a difficult time remembering. It’s very easy for a person to stay ignorant by just spending their life watching TV. The brain can easily become stagnate, lazy, which creates stuffed emotions which can cause cloudiness and a non-thinking brain.

Keeping the brain clear of sticky stagnation and cultivating such qualities as Patience, remaining in the moment, not having any expectations, at the same time using common sense for a well thought out plan regarding resources, and having a tentative route in mind can lead to a relaxing in the moment adventure.

I was walking and caught this lizard just hanging out and got a couple of pictures of him.