The Travel Concept?

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Interesting enough, just today a popular travel blogger decided to surface his honesty despite what other travel writers or bloggers might think. Nomadic Matt revealed there is no secrets to long term travel. It’s true, there are no tricks to the trade. Using a logical mind and some reason are all it takes. Long term travel does call for surrendering everything, including “home”, friends and family. I am referring to travelers who travel for two or three years or longer.

The perception of travel is totally overrated because of the glamorous perception into a fantasy of non-reality that deludes the person into spending their money on first-class boring hogwash. However, for many people that work all week that desire a holiday will seek out such a style. A holiday-maker next the long term traveler are in opposition toward one another.

The majorities of travel writers or bloggers are focused on making money from the travel industry or self-gratification. This is not an absolute generality; there are people that are humble about their experiences in life. But, sad to say, many will brag to get an expression of “Wow” from the listener. The style of presentation of personal experiences is critical to avoid and ego-driven mentality of specialness.

I am heading to Masada tomorrow for a day trip.

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