The White Desert of Egypt!

The White Desert of Egypt is an ultra beautiful place to visit. Up until this time in my life I have seen several different types of natural landscapes, state parks, and such things. The beautiful tropics of Hawaii, next to the beautiful mountains of Yellowstone, The Tetons, The Grand Canyon, The Sequoias, and Yosemite. The White desert of Egypt has topped any other type of natural landscape I have ever seen. This place is magical with an energetic feel that you are walking on another planet.

The natural white rock is fascinating in itself, the natural sculptures that has formed from a natural occurrence is the mind boggling concept. The Spirit of the Great Divine Source is the only cause of this occurrence, and this place is awe inspiring. Continual faces, animal shapes, energetic expression, carvings a man should have accomplished; although has not – glory should be directed in the proper direction.

The contrast and diversity of the deserts in Egypt, from The Great Sand Sea to The Black Desert which turns into The White Desert – which Crystal Mountain divides the two – a rock of crystal in the middle of the desert like an oasis leaping out of the sand; rock of quartz on the ground; a person can reach down and pick up a rock and put in their pocket; an area a person should not miss when visiting Egypt.

Sleeping under the stars, enjoying a fire and dinner Bedouin style, waking up to massive white rock rising out of the desert for no reason at all, the cold weather seemed immaterial to the atmosphere.

The sun rises on these grand rock sculptures with rays of the heat beaming into the mushroom, the camel, the face of man, the sphinx, the bird, the white rock which looks like snow – Divine glory is manifested! For a person that cannot recognize the depths of spirituality in this way that person is living a very shallow life.

It’s like walking on the moon in Egypt. I have to wonder; what would have Mark Twain wrote regarding the White Desert?

I will have pictures of the Black Desert and Crystal Mountain posted soon. When I get around to it I will be posting all the pictures on Shutterfly.