The Yosemite Bug Hostel Resort-HI.

The Yosemite Bug is an amazing place to stay for $15.00 a night. It’s a whole resort. They have a serving kitchen-bar lounge room. There are many private rooms and also tent cabins. The private rooms range from $55 and on up and the tent cabins range from $35 and on up. Although the dorm space for a member is only $15 per night. It looks like each dorm sleeps six and have there own bathroom. The bunk beds are non-squeaky.

In the picture the buildings go all the way into the hills, this place can host a lot of people.

They have a sauna, hot tub, hiking tours of the park, along with bike rentals and transportation to the park. The park of Yosemite is twenty miles away from the hostel resort. They offer massage service and herbal baths. They have yoga classes throughout the week along with entertainment music bands during the evenings once in awhile.

People from all around the world come here. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada’s are a wonderful place of the earth. On the way to mountains, driving through the central valley always provides a certain type of feel; it’s totally flat and it gives the feeling of being low within the earth because of being at sea level.

For all you Santa Cruzers highway 152 is a great route to highway 140, Yosemite valley, and to the Bug – the hostel. I guess it’s acorn season, quite comical, during the night this place is being attacked with dropping acorns – all of a sudden: smash, bang, crash – the slight rain we had last night causes more acorns to drop.

My room is kind of co-ed, Tuesday night there were two guys from Sweden traveling together for seven weeks, riding the Gray Hound across America and two very nice German gals traveling for four weeks. Europeans love my joke about the Grateful dead – “There so dead they’re Grateful”. Last night a couple came in from Denmark. Lots of British people staying here I have met also.

Life barrels down to respect no matter what country a person is from – we are all human after all.