Time Flys

It’s nice to be into June. The summer always goes by quickly and by the time we know it football season will be here. I am not really into football, although once the season starts by the time we know it the new year is here. Since time slows down during the holiday season once we are into January, April and baseball season is at the door step.

Of course time is related with our own perception of it. Personally I have had a lot of time throughout my life. I have never had a concern for time since I have been given so much of it. My favorite past time is wasting it. An inside joke.

This time last year I had my plans set to leave in November of 2007. By October 2006 I was ready to go only that I had to wait a year which has been well worth it. The preparations I have to accomplish have been going according to the time table.

I have never really had a lot of material possessions. What I had and currently have, I have found that getting rid of everything is a major process. Selling on e-bay and Craigslist has proved to be an excellent resource. Here in the bay area once I post something on Craigslist for the most part it sells within three to four days, I had something sell within 45 minutes from the time I posted it.

I will be selling my computer in October and will be blogging hopefully twice a week at Internet cafes, it is very nice that the Internet is all over the world. I always have the option of buying a new Mac book if I want to, although that is an extra five to seven pounds and a major valuable to be concerned about.

There will be several things that will prove to be a good feeling. First and for most not owning anything except for my backpack and gear. Not having keys, cell phone, computer, and not owning a vehicle will most likely feel strange at first although it will be a wonderful feeling to experience. Living without a pair of keys outta be the strangest.

Well one year ago my friend thought I was a little nuts planning for November 2007, although I’m not really the type of person that really is in much of a hurry, plus I am not into instant gratification so I don’t mind waiting. The world has taken the words walk, work, and wait and has turned them into some sort of four letter word.

My starting destination will be a surprise. I do have everything arranged for when I arrive at my starting destination and will be staying on the ground for the most part. I will need to take a couple of boats along the way.

Santa Cruz has the normal weather for this time of the year, chilly and fogy in the morning and then the fog burns off for the afternoon. It really never gets all that hot except for a few weeks out of the year. I personally enjoy the nineties and hot.