Top 10 Places to Visit in Egypt

Tourists taking international flights into Egypt can see many famous sights within the country. Many of these places have existed since ancient times and hold some of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Here are 10 worthwhile sights to see:

The Karnak Temple Complex:

This elaborate complex, which lies within the ancient city of Thebes, features historic temples and other buildings. It has served as one of the most sacred areas for worshipping Egyptian gods. Visitors can also behold the ancient carvings of the sphinxes and other works of art.

Valley of the Kings. 

Many ruins and temples paying homage to some of the greatest rulers in Egyptian history are located within this valley. Several of these rulers were entombed within these temples. The tomb of Egypt’s most famous ruler, King Tutankhamen, was discovered among the ancient structures.

The Nile:

The most distinct fact about this river is that it is the largest river in the world. Another unique fact about this river is that it flows in the direction from south to north. It has served as a lifeline to many of the major population centers throughout Egypt. Most of the country’s historically significant places of interest can be found along the river.

The Great Pyramid of Giza:

Tourists who take international flights into Egypt particularly desire to see this amazing sight. This large pyramid is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Experts believe that the pyramid was constructed to house the remains of Khafu, a pharaoh during Egypt’s Fourth Dynasty. Many theories exist as to how the pyramid was constructed, but there is still great mystery surrounding its exact creation.


This refined city features lavish palaces and other institutions of historical importance, in particular Montaza Palace. The city was also the birthplace of Cleopatra VII, who was the final ruler of Ancient Egypt. The Mediterranean coastline further accentuates the city’s splendor.

Islamic Cairo:

Sometimes referred to as, “Medieval Cairo,” this section of the country’s capital city is filled with mosques and other impressive structures dating back to medieval times. The world’s oldest university, Al-Azhar University, can be found within this district.

Abu Simbel:

Ramesses II commissioned the building of these two temples back in the 13th century B.C. in honor of his victory in the Battle of Kadesh. The temples were carved into the sides of two enormous rock formations.

Mount Sinai:

Although remote, this holy mountain is still one of the famed sights in Egypt. Adventurous tourists can attempt to climb to the mountain’s peak, where many believe that Moses received the Ten Commandments of God during biblical times.

Siwa Oasis:

The oasis is located further west in the country than many of the other notable sights. Ancient buildings made of mud and brick fill the landscape. The clear water and surrounding palm trees create a perfect atmosphere for a tranquil experience. The oasis is also a hearty agricultural center, growing a large supply of olives and dates.

Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa:

A wealthy Egyptian family still practicing the religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt ordered this tomb to be built sometimes during the Second Century A.D. Intricate art figures are seen carved into its stones. Influences from Greek and Roman culture can also be found within the tombs.