Summer 2013: Tunisia vs. Greece

When it’s that time of year to plan your next holiday, deciding on your destination can be a difficult choice. Do you stay with what you know? Or, alternatively, do you try a new resort and broaden your horizons?

With plenty of Tunisia holiday deals available online if you look close enough, and holidays in Greece an affordable option, there are ample destinations waiting for you to explore them. All you have to do is decide which one you’re going to plump for.

Tunisia continues to increase in popularity as a holiday destination. With affordable prices, plenty to explore and its Mediterranean coastline, it’s becoming a magnet for holidaymakers of all ages. With a fascinating fusion of North African and Mediterranean influences, Tunisia is ideal for people hoping for something a little more exotic without a hefty price tag.

From family friendly beaches to camel rides in the desert, this beautiful country offers so much. Whether you want to chill out on the beach, overlooking the Med, or you prefer to experience local life in the bustling resorts, such as Hammamet and Sousse, you’ll be able to fulfil your requirements here. Be sure to head to one of the popular souks for an opportunity to haggle and grab some great bargains!

From whitewashed buildings to fabulous buildings, Greece is another top destination for sun worshippers. If you want to relax and admire your picturesque surroundings, mainland Greece and its islands are an excellent option for your summer holiday. With incredible watersports opportunities and inspirational architecture and ancient ruins, this European gem is a must-visit at least once.

With Corfu, Crete and Rhodes all providing amazing value vacations, the Greek Islands are brilliant for both family-orientated sojourns and late night revellers. Take a dip in the warm Ionian Sea or watch the world go by in a rustic taverna. Rhodes benefits from 300 days of sunshine each year, pretty much guaranteeing an invitingly hot climate for those with a penchant for lazy days by the pool.

Make your decision online today and take advantage of some great offers.