Packing for a Trip to the United Kingdom

Packing is the bane of many a traveler’s existence to say the least, many putting it off until it is almost too late to pack. Whether a long or short trip, it always feels inevitable that something will be forgotten, and even if it isn’t, one usually feels like they have forgotten something. If you’re traveling overseas to the United Kingdom, it is even more critical to prepare appropriately. Before arriving in London and finding your ride at the meet and greet parking at gatwick there are a few tips to help you prepare.

First, get online and find out the weather forecast for the entire period of your stay, if that is not available, determine what they weather is usually like during the week or weeks you are there. It’s always a wise decision to pack clothing that can be worn in layers. Things like short sleeved and long sleeved shirts as well as sweaters and a jacket will cover all potential weather fluctuations. Though given the rainy reputation of the British Isles an umbrella wouldn’t be amiss or at least a rain coat of sorts.

Second, know the area you are traveling to. If you’re flying into Manchester airport instead of London, you might pack hiking shoes for the many trails and guided tours around Manchester. Though Manchester Arndale is a shopping center that is a quick drive from manchester airport parking and provides an opportunity to shop for anything that has been forgotten.

Third, if you are bringing electronic devices like razors or hairdryers or even phone charges, be sure to obtain the correct adapters so as not to ruin the device.
Fourth, check the website of your airport for restaurants, maps and information regarding airport shuttles and parking. Luton Airport provides a variety of information for it’s luton airport parking as do most of the major airports in the country.

Fifth and most importantly, always make a list and check it twice. It sounds simple and silly, and very santa-like, but it can save you from spending unnecessary money once you arrive. It’s easy to make a list of the items you need in your suitcase and the items that you need in your carry-on luggage. You might also make a list of numbers and important documents that you need to carry with you at all times while traveling.

In addition to packing a arriving don’t forget to search and book at on of the many different London Hotels.