The panorama view from Uchisar is outstanding. The hotel I am staying at is icing on the cake that will end my independent tour of Cappadocia. I decided to splurge because of the incredible view and the room is the cave style room.

Mount Ercyies in the background and the castle at Ortahisar can be viewed.

Uchisar is a town that is popular with French tourists, there is a French group here at the hotel. Uchisar is another worthy option to serve as your base for Cappadocia. However, Goreme does provide everything a tourist might need, pedal bikes, scooters, and car rentals. Horseback rides through the valleys. A major supply of hotels bars and restaurants, Everyone speaks good English in Goreme. There are many different type of tours and independent tour guides. For many tourists, Goreme is the place to stay, although—not for myself.

Today, I took a day trip to two different underground cities that are south of Uchisar. What an incredible experience, unbelievable how the people dug and created an underground complex, I will have a post with pictures shortly. Today I am leaving Cappadocia for Tarsus, although I could stay another week here in Cappadocia. From Tarsus I decided to visit Konya.

Goreme is just down below the hill, Cavusin is to the left in front of the white mound, Avanos is in back of the white mound, these pictures were taken just before the sun set.

I ran into an interesting guy from Russia on top of the Castle here in Uchisar, his style of travel goes back about twenty or thirty years. He hitchhikes everywhere, he never takes a bus. He also will try to find a place to set up his tent, in Cappadocia his looking for a cave. On top of that he sneaks into most of the sites for free. I am not planning on sneaking into the sites, although I might do some hitchhiking in Israel and Eastern Europe. While I was in Kars, an Australian couple that went Ani said that they hitchhike quite often. It is an alternative I am considering, I did some hitchhiking in California, and picked up many hitchhikers driving in California, all people want is a ride.

Cappadocia is a beautiful area, and one of the top spectacular landscapes I have visited. Time is ticking and I am heading to the birth place of the Apostle Paul.